Week Two: Stress Control

for AloeElite Users with Digestive Disorders

Although stress is not typically considered the cause of a digestive disorder, people who struggle with moderate to severe digestive issues tend to feel the stress where it hurts them the most – the digestive tract. With the pace of everyday life, stress is difficult to avoid. We tend to burden ourselves with strenuous deadlines, constant multi-tasking, and endless work. Here are some tips for managing stress. Choose one or more that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Breathe Deeply

Taking deep breaths help relax the abdominal muscles, which can lead to less erratic bowel activity. Most adults breathe from their chests, but breathing from the diaphragm helps you become calmer. When you take a deep breath, allow your abdomen to expand with air. Upon release, your abdomen naturally contracts. Deep breathing naturally reduces stress, increases relaxation, and decreases pain.


Meditation involves concentrating on a word, phrase, or image for a length of time to reach a state of relaxation. It is helpful for reducing muscle tension and abdominal pain. Meditation brings focus and peace to your mind and body, allowing you to enjoy the benefits brought about by a state of repose.

Think Positively

Have you ever created crisis scenarios in your head that have not occurred yet, or dwelled on circumstances beyond your control? A positive or optimist outlook is associated with a better immune system and reduced risk of chronic diseases.* By thinking positively, you can begin to live a healthier life.

Along with taking AloeElite and eating foods that are easy to digest (see Week One), controlling stress can contribute to your goal of whole-body wellness.

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* https://www.livescience.com/8158-optimism- boosts-immune- system.html
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