Week Four: Laughter

According to researchers at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, the benefits associated with laughter are no laughing matter.

Laughing not only feels good and contributes to our sense of pleasure and well-being. It IS good, for our minds and our bodies. As Week Two’s newsletter references, stress can slow down or inhibit recovery from digestive disorders. Therefore, AloeElite users looking to maximize the product’s benefits could benefits from finding ways to laugh. 

Certainly, laughter places the events of the day in a broader perspective and offers a respite from thoughts that sometimes plague us unrelentingly; laughter helps us socially and emotionally. But further, the Mayo Clinic explains that “when you start to laugh, it doesn't just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body.” From organ stimulation, to muscle relaxation, to proven pain relief, and finally, to improved immune function, by intentionally bringing more laughter into your life, you nurture and sustain action and intention toward healing. 

Call us at AloeElite and we’ll take you seriously. We’ll also be prepared with a joke, or an anecdote to make you smile, and anything else to assist you on your journey to whole-body wellness. 



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