Avoid Access Sugar

Week Five: Avoid Access Sugar

There are many reasons to avoid excessive sugar in our diets. Eating high sugar foods is commonly linked to obesity and all of its health-related concerns. Furthermore researchers at Harvard have found that regardless of a person’s weight, too much sugar in one’s diet greatly increases the risk of heart disease. AloeElite users with digestive disorders have even more reasons to avoid the repercussions of excessive sugar intake...
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Health benefits of Laughter

Week Four: Laughter

According to researchers at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, the benefits associated with laughter are no laughing matter.

Laughing not only feels good and contributes to our sense of pleasure and well-being. It IS good, for our minds and our bodies. As Week Two’s newsletter references, stress can slow down or inhibit recovery from digestive disorders. Therefore, AloeElite users looking to maximize the product’s benefits could benefits from finding ways to laugh...
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Hydration and Digestive Disorders

Week Three: Hydration

Most of us know that our bodies are comprised of about two thirds water. Problems arise when this statistic is jeopardized.  Dehydration is a serious concern for people with digestive disorders.  The excessive, watery bowel movements that sometimes accompany digestive disorders rid of body of the water that it so crucially needs.  A lack of water is a huge impediment to proper digestive functions...
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Stress Control for AloeElite Users with Digestive Disorders

Week Two: Stress Control

for AloeElite Users with Digestive Disorders

Although stress is not typically considered the cause of a digestive disorder, people who struggle with moderate to severe digestive issues tend to feel the stress where it hurts them the most – the digestive tract. With the pace of everyday life, stress is difficult to avoid. We tend to burden ourselves with strenuous deadlines, constant multi-tasking, and endless work. Here are some tips for managing stress. Choose one or more that fits your lifestyle and personality...
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