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Evaluation of the Nutritional and Metabolic Effects of Aloe Vera

A scientific evaluation of the effects of the Aloe vera plant as seen in Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Second Edition.  
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Thank you for helping my daughter

"We are on our 4th bottle of the AloeElite and my daughters health has never been better." - Sasha P, CA
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My husband is off all prescribed medication

"One week, yes one week, after taking the product my husband felt a significant improvement in his condition." - Anna K, CA
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Continuing results

"Today I'm writing to let you know that after 4 months, my life has changed for the best!" - Debbie M, IA
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Improved health in 2 weeks

"I started taking it just like it said and within two weeks I could tell my health was improving." - Andrea M, CO
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A great help to my son

"When a tightwad like me will order 3 bottles at a time, it has to be exceptionally good!" - Charles H, UT
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"I have had great success after taking AloeElite for only 2 months." - Debbie M, IA
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Works where prescriptions failed

"For some 5 months my health has been excellent and my digestion has been just about perfect." - Phil E, Virginia
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Finally in control again

"I feel I am in control again and it is only 5 days." - Melissa C, Australia
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AloeElite is an excellent product

"AloeElite is an excellent product; no doubt about it." - Linda N, North Carolina
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