1) The following article is published in the magazine: Alternative Medicine, The Voice of Alternative Medicine® (issue 28, March 1999).

"Researchers concluded that aloe was able to rebalance the intestines by "regulating gastrointestinal pH while improving gastrointestinal motility, increasing stool specific gravity, and reducing populations of certain fecal microorganisms, including yeast." Other studies have shown that aloe vera juice helps to detoxify the bowel, neutralize stomach acidity, and relieve constipation and gastric ulcers". 

2) Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine Update on constipation: One treatment does not fit all Anthraquinones (cascara, aloe, and senna), castor oil, and diphenylmethanes (bisacodyl) are the most commonly used stimulant laxatives.


3) The New England Journal of Medicine  Current Concepts: Current Management of Acute Cutaneous Wounds 

"Local Therapy for Burns Although first-degree burns do not require any specific therapy, topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or aloe vera may be used to reduce the pain. Deep second-degree burns and third-degree burns should be covered with a topical antimicrobial agent, and theā€¦"  

4) Mayo Clinic website: Ulcerative colitis (including inflammatory bowel disease) 

"There is limited but promising research of the use of oral aloe vera in ulcerative colitis (UC), compared to placebo. It is not clear how aloe vera compares to other treatments used for UC."  


5) Internal uses of AloeVera By: Ivan E. Danhof, PhD, MD  (full article) section on Gastrointestinal Disorders, found from the International Aloe Science Council


6) Research Reveals Aloe's Effect On Inflammation By Dr. Ian Tizard - Texas A&M University


7) SUMMARY OF ARTICLE that appeared in Reuters Health News (April 30th 1997) 

Aloe's Benefits More then Skin Deep Studies in rats suggest that a gel extracted from the aloe plant may help prevent disease and extend life-spans. While people in the affluent West may think of aloe gel as a dermatological aid, Herlihy says, "more people in the world take the (extracted) gel internally than use it as a skin treatment."


8) Aloe Vera and Digestion, Irritable Bowel and Arthritis by Information supplied by The Aloe Vera Information Centre 
(more info) listed in aloe vera, originally published in issue 20 - June/July 1997

"Aloe Vera has natural healing and detoxifying powers and works gently within the intestinal tract to help break down impacted food residues and thoroughly cleanse the bowel. It can help ease constipation and prevent continuing diarrhea, setting a regularity to the bowel. All this helps to reduce discomfort and bloating. Naturally, as these symptoms are eased, so the stress associated with the discomfort is also reduced" 

Reference Information supplied by The Aloe Vera Information Centre, Saberdene, Church Road, Catsfield Battle, East Sussex TN33 9DP. Tel: 01424 892440, Fax: 01424 842988.
9) BOOK REVIEW, THE ESSENTIAL ALOE VERA: The Actions and the Evidence by Dr Peter Atherton, Published in November 1997

Dr Peter Atherton, during his Visiting Research Fellowship at Green College, Oxford, has so far achieved success in two main areas: perhaps, most importantly, he has completed an impressive worldwide literature survey of published papers, articles, and books on the clinical uses of Aloe Vera.

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