I was diagnosed with at the age of 22.  I am now 28 and have been doing incredibly well thanks to your fantastic product.  I take what I believe to be a fairly enlightened approach to health and avoid prescriptive medication if at all possible.   

When my condition was first diagnosed, I was treated in the normal way with steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs.  These exacerbated the very symptoms I sought to control and created a whole host of unwanted side effects.  They did not make me better, only progressively worse over time.  The condition became so bad at one point, I was eating liquidised food only, became extremely thin and my quality of life was so poor that the future seemed very bleak.  I was absolutely desperate to find something that would alleviate the daily symptoms and give me my life back.  This was when I took matters into my own hands and began looking for my own cure.  I stumbled on AloeElite and was really hopeful after reading the testimonials that this could be the answer to my health problems.  It was.  I have never looked back and I have certainly never accepted the drugs and their terrifying side effects.

However, I have a story more powerful than this to endorse this product for anyone who might be reading and suffering with the same condition.

So that the following account makes sense, I need to explain that the severity the disease and indeed the presence of the condition itself, is determined by what they call an "inflammatory marker" (CPR) in the blood.  In a normal person, this should range between 1 and 10.  In sufferers it isn't unheard of for it to be in the hundreds.  I was recently taken into hospital suffering with food poisoning which had wreaked havoc on my digestive system.  I had presented in A & E with a CPR of 27 which is a little high but even so, very good for someone with my condition.  To put this into perspective, when it had first been diagnosed, it was in the 60's.  I was told by medical staff initially that I had appendicitis.  I did not.  Terrfiyingly, I had had such a bad reaction to the drugs that had been administered to deal with the symptoms of the food poisoning that my CPR had risen to 300 over that first night I spent in hospital. 

As a result, the specialists were called in and I was sent for a number of scans and x-rays all of which showed severe inflammation and ulceration of the intestines and pockets of fluid that had formed around my liver and under my intestines which of course I was told was as a result of a flare up.  Please note that at this point, I wasn't allowed food or water so I certainly wasn't taking my regular dose of AloeElite.  I was more scared than I've ever been about the state of my health and was terrifed into thinking the only way out was to accept more of the drugs that they had convinced me would save my life.

Two days later, feeling more ill than when I was taken to hospital initially, I discharged myself from this hospital.  That is how much I believed in this product to get me back on track.  The daily worsening abdominal pain was enough for me to know that the drugs were doing more harm than good.  As soon as I arrived at home, I started on a dose of 24 capsules a day to begin to get the inflammation under control.  I went to see my GP the next day and I told him what I'd done.  Knowing me, he was not surprised at all.  He knows I have always managed my condition without medical intervention.  I asked that he give me some time to fix my body my way and that we take regular blood tests to monitor my CPR.

You can't imagine how pleased I was when the results of the first blood test came back.  This test was taken three days after I'd discharged myself from hospital, so three days of taking three lots of eight capsules a day.  My CPR was 11, practically normal.  My GP said this was too good to be true and said it would most likely settle somewhere up in the 60's again.  We repeated it a week later.  My CPR was 4.  THIS is a perfectly normal result.

I urge you to try this.  On a dose of only four capsules in the morning and four at night I can now do what I want, eat what I want and live my life to the full.   

To cement my good feeling towards the producers of this product, the customer service I have recieved has been second to none and my loyalty as a customer generously rewarded.

Thank you AloeElite.
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