It has been 3.5 weeks only and I have gone from not being able to eat most foods without sharp stabbing pain, burning pain, nausea, and severe gas and bloating in my stomach to an unlimited diet in such a short time. Truly I felt I would never again be able to eat foods I love. How depressing. After $2,500 spent at the doctor trying to figure what was wrong, nothing was gained but a diagnosis and a prescription for fiber. My doctor did not have to say much about it and gave me a book to read.

Thank God I took the initiative to do my own research and found AMP. Stress caused my horrible stomach condition a year ago, and nothing has helped but AMP. Nothing. I have been able to tell my very skeptical boyfriend that I was right about this product. What an excellent feeling. Thank you so much for AMP! It literally saved the life I can now live.
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