I was bleeding profusely for quite a long time. It made me very weak. My heart would just pound from the slightest exercise. I was anemic and very scared. I saw the website about Aloe Elite, read up on it and decided to take a chance. I have used the gel from the aloe plants all my life for burns and other topical treatments knew how good it is.

I took one bottle of the Aloe Elite (by the directions), and by the second week the bleeding had stopped. I mostly control that from happening again by watching my diet, but sometimes, if I am not careful it can start again. That is when I start taking the Aloe Elite again. It always gets me back on track. It has also helped my daughter with her heartburn. This is a wonderful product! If you think you are beyond help and your only recourse is surgery or prescriptions, think again. This is your chance to take control of your digestive health.
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