Most of us lead our daily life doing all our routine things, going to work, family life etc. knowing that we have control of our bodies and health. (usually)

Last November I started to experience loss of control of my bodily functions- i.e. my bodies functions started to control me, as I could not travel, not knowing when the diarrhea would hit. Several months of on and off episodes- I finally decided to visit the doctor- The specialist in the area of intestinal tracks. He performed many tests, blood tests, stool tests etc. trying to find causes of my distress. He actually scheduled and performed a colonoscopy only to find that that part was OK. The doctor felt that maybe the antibiotics that I took in November had caused my problems.

Our family medical history, unknown to me, has had internal intestinal problems. The doctor, after all the tests and thousands of dollars later concluded that I suffer from I.B.S. and will have to deal with it for life.

I did further research and found your product on the internet and ordered it immediately and requested next day air. Thank God for that. After suffering for months with the frequent and unanticipated trips to the bathroom I found the answer. Within 2 weeks (started in April) there was vast improvement and within 4 weeks virtually 95% improvement.

On my last trip to the doctor - June - the final follow up - the doctor could not believe my status. In fact he wanted information on the pills I was taking. (I took copies of info with me to the appointment) The doctor basically concluded that we didn't need to do any further testing. Believe me, he was genuinely interested in the product and told me that he would probable order some for some of his patients. He actually paged through the material when I was in his office.

Thank you AloeElite for allowing me to have my life back and I am such a firm believer I just ordered some for a relative. Your information was so complete on what to eat, what to avoid (coffee is the tough one) and what to expect. I learned MORE from your information than from the doctor’s office.

Being a CPA, owning the business and several other businesses there is a lot of stress in my daily world and the last thing I needed was the loss of control. There were times I had to leave a business meeting with maybe 1 minute "body" notice to get to the bathroom.

Thank you again AloeElite for giving me my life back and now I can function in business the way I need to. The product is remarkable, the results are remarkable and I am recommending Aloe Elite to anyone I know who is dealing with digestive problems.
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