We thank the Lord for AloeElite and for everyone involved in the manufacture of this product. Words cannot sufficiently express our gratitude for giving our son his life back. The doctors told us he would have Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis for the rest of his life and only prescription medicine could help in suppressing his symptoms. They were wrong. We did not accept their prognosis and were determined to find a natural remedy for his condition.

At age 15, Dan was diagnosed with Crohn's/UC. He was EXTREMELY sick. The doctor started him on prednisone which provided some relief. They then went on to prescribe Imuran, 6MP, and Asacol. None of these helped but seemed to make him feel even worse. Four months later we decided to go the natural route. For two years we tried many different "cures". Some of them helped but none provided the complete healing we were searching for. I would search the internet and pray that I would find something that would provide the answer to Dan's ailment. He was losing weight, had bloody diarrhea MANY times a day, stomach cramps and pains, vomiting, constant nauseous ness, dizziness, and had developed multiple food allergies (including all dairy and eggs).

The following summer I ran into an AloeElite testimonial on the internet. It linked me to the AloeElite site and there I read the multiple other testimonies. Dan had been through so much and we'd tried so many different things. The AloeElite was not cheap and we weren't certain whether we should try this, too. The site was extremely thorough and comprehensive, but it was the testimonies that ultimately encouraged us to order. My husband and I decided we would order the AloeElite as our "last try" before going back to conventional prescription medicine.

Dan began the AloeElite in November. We saw some improvements in him the first month. He had many ups and downs through the next 3 months, but he did not stop taking the AloeElite. He slowly, steadily, and surely got better every day. For the first time in years he began to have normal formed bowel movements on a regular basis. The nauseous ness and vomiting disappeared, the food allergies were gone, no more dizziness, no more cramps, and for the first time in years Dan had color in his cheeks. It was like a miracle to us and too good to be true. We kept waiting for him to relapse or feel bad again, but he didn't!

It has now been over 9 months that Dan is a completely different boy. He has gained over 25 pounds and several inches to his height. He has a healthy appetite and eats everything and anything he wants. He is getting stronger and regaining his confidence. Dan has his life back and we, as a family, are able to enjoy living again!! Never again will we take health for granted. We know it was the AloeElite that helped him because he was on no other medication or supplement during this time.

It was the testimonies of others that prompted us to try the AloeElite, and now I truly hope our testimony will be an encouragement to others who are suffering. I encourage anyone reading this who has been diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or has a loved one who is suffering to give the AloeElite a chance, and don't limit yourself to a specific time frame. For some it took two weeks, for some a month, and for Dan it was three months. Perhaps for others it may even be longer. Isn't it worth it if the end result is to be well again and to be rid of this horrible disease for the rest of your life? I wish all doctors and "specialists" would acknowledge the amazing ability of AloeElite and direct their patients to the AloeElite site. But since that is unlikely to happen, spreading the news through testimonies over the internet is what individuals can do to help others. Dan wishes he could have those three years of his life back, but at the same time is so thankful for his healing and looks forward to the rest of his life free of Crohn's and Ulcerative colitis!


God bless you all!!
Most sincerely.
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