Dear AloeElite,

On behalf of my son, Benjamin, I want to thank you for your product and for the lovely way we have been treated.  When we phone up or email, the service is second-to-none and the help and advice given really appreciated.

Our son, Ben, was diagnosed at a year and a half.  He was given medicine by the doctor in charge which I was told by a nurse could give him a bad cough.  To cut this short, it did give him a dreadful cough, plus his nappies increased from 3 to 10 a day.  His appetite was pathetic - I recall feeding him his dinner which could have taken about an hour to get into him, only for him to start coughing and bring it all up again.  His weight went down rapidly, and he sat in the corner not wanting to participate in any play or anything at all.  He reminded me of a little child in a third-world country.  I really felt we were going to lose him!!!!  We pleaded with the consultant to change the medicine because of the cough, but he refused.  My husband and I ended up going on the internet in order to find some alternative remedy.  We tried a few, but to no avail.  We had lighted upon AloeElite but had felt the cost was too much.  However, our search brought us back again to your website and we decided to invest in this on a trial period - in order to save the life of our child.  We were desperate.  

I was scared, initially, to use the product; however, after about a week of receiving it, I decided that I must use it - after all, we had paid for it.  We were totally amazed, after 6 weeks, there was a total transformation in our little boy.  We had taken him off the medicine from the doctor before starting him on AloeElite.  We felt it was doing him no good.  I must state here that AloeElite did not tell us to do this.  This was our own decision as we felt it was making him worse.  By the end of 6 weeks, Ben's nappies has greatly thickened, and had went down to about 3-4 a day.  By the end of 8 weeks, we felt we had our little boy back.  By the Grace of GOD, He brought us to your website, and AloeElite has been a part of our lives ever since.  Ben is now going to the toilet around once a day, the motions are pretty good and there is no bleeding or mucas in his motions.  We are thankful for all the support we have received from yourselves.  Thank You AloeElite for everything.  Our little boy has just turned 5.  When he was on the medicine from the doctors, we had thought that that day might never have come for our little Ben.  He is a happy 5 year old who is now reading, playing, and enjoying life!  THANK YOU again!!!!

A very happy mum - Helen Jeffers 
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