I know that you probably get a million letters thanking you for your product and how it has changed their lives. This letter will be no different. 

I am an active 28-year-old healthy male, currently finishing my training as a nurse anesthetist. This is my seventh year of higher education mixed in with a couple of years of employment as an ICU nurse. Two years ago, I was diagnosed via colonoscopy. 

Since my diagnosis, I have educated myself on the pathophysiology of the disease, as well as the pharmacological treatment. I was taking asacol by mouth three times a day, and my symptoms seemed to worsen and worsen over the past two years. Although I tried my best, the disease seemed to be taking over my life. I couldn’t go ANYWHERE without eyeing where the bathroom would be in case of an emergency…which came frequently. I had to drive to work 90 mph because I felt such urgency to need the bathroom. It was very difficult going out on ‘first dates’ because I NEVER knew when an attack would hit…which could be anytime. I tried not to let it take over my life, so I continued to do normal things like water skiing, bike riding, ect, and just prayed that an attack wouldn’t hit at those times. On my worst day, I used the bathroom 19 times. 

Practicing anesthesia became very difficult since I couldn’t just abandon my sleeping patient to go use the restroom. It was at this time that I began seriously researching alternative therapies…. and found your product. Somewhat skeptical at first about both its efficacy and its price, I felt that I had no other choice other than to at least give your product a try. After reading all of the literature on it over and over again, I convinced myself that it would be not only safe, but an effective treatment for my misery. 

Ladies and gentleman, my life has improved just after one month! I have normal bowel movements without mucus or diarrhea. So far, I have only had a couple of small attacks that were MINIMAL compared to the ones I used to have. Most importantly, my quality of life has improved so much. I flew to Dallas this past weekend and didn’t get an ulcer worrying that I would have an attack on the plane. I actually go places now and don’t worry about where the bathroom is. Your product scientifically makes sense and it has made a 100% believer out of me. You may use me as a reference any time. I am a better anesthesia practitioner now that I can concentrate more on my patient instead of my stomach. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Thank you again.
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