I, Anna K.., am writing this testimonial on behalf of my husband who is 33 years old. Over the past 7 years I have suffered alongside my husband of 10 years due to his condition. Ever since the initial diagnosis, our lives have been a roller-coaster ride. His disease would flare up about every two years, and each time it did (lasting anywhere from 2-8 months) it was tremendously worse than the last time. He has taken all the routine drugs, (Asacol, Prednisone, Purinethol, etc.) common to everyone who suffers from this condition.

His last episode which began in the spring of 2003 was the worst. His gastroenterologist had prescribed a combination of 22 pills of the above named drugs. He lost 20 lbs. in 2 months. His daily focus was to have a restroom within reach. The disease effected work, family, and his overall existence as a human being. It drove me into depression, thinking I would either lose my husband or he would live with a pouch hanging from his side for the rest of his life.

I do not want to sound repetitive, because I know that anyone who is reading this and suffers from the same condition, is already aware of the daily havoc this disease causes on one’s life. What’s more important is to tell anyone who is reading this, how AMP saved my husband.

At the height of his most recent episode, my husband literally did not leave the restroom on one entire night. The bleeding and diarrhea was so intense that he could not make it to bed. He curled up on the floor of the living room until he passed out from exhaustion. On another devastating day, my husband was on one of the most traffic infested freeways in Los Angeles (the 405) coming home from work, he had the urge to use the restroom, but traffic was at a complete halt. He pulled over and took care of business at the center divider. He was so embarrassed, that it took him a week to tell me what had happened. Suffering alongside him, I could not fight the tears. Every time he witnessed me crying, it would break him. But I could not help feeling how I felt. Not being a very religious person, I prayed and fought with God, asking him why this was happening and why in today’s advancement in medicine was there no cure for this retched disease???

One day I decided to go online and research, in hopes of finding something, anything at this point. One of the links that came on the screen was the AMP website. I studied the entire website thoroughly. What convinced me to order the product, were the testimonials. For some reason, I felt it in my gut that these were real people writhing about their experiences. I decided to order the product regardless of the hefty price tag. Anyone who suffers from this disease, or is suffering alongside a loved one, does not care how much a potential cure costs.

One week, yes one week, after taking the product my husband felt a significant improvement in his condition. We felt like a miracle had come upon us. Day-to-day he improved. He slowly gained his appetite and put the lost weight back on. Over the next couple of months, the bleeding and sudden urges to use the restroom diminished. My husband consulted with his gastroenterologist regarding the Aloe Elite product. His doctor advised him that trying it would not hurt. Within six months he was completely off all the prescribed medication.

I told myself, that I would submit a testimonial on behalf of my husband when he was healthy for one year. That one year has just passed, and we feel blessed. We have our life back. I know that I had doubts in the product and the validity of the testimonials in the beginning, but here I am a testimonial submitter myself. All I can say is try it and you will see. It’s a couple of hundred bucks well spent.


A.K. on behalf of M.B.

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