My daughter has suffered for 13 years. We were afraid we were going to loose her last year. She was not digesting her medicines, her hair was falling out, she was so thin she had no muscle and she was loosing so much blood most days she could not even get out of bed. My friend sent me info on AloeElite and at that point we were willing to try anything BUT more surgery. Every surgery she has had done has just made her worse. I e-mailed you questions, and you answered. I am sure you know on line testimonials, you think people are just trying to sell there product, but since it was Aloe and all natural we figured we'll try it. I bought her first bottle in October of 2006 and by Christmas she was up. In 9 months she has gained back 35 pounds and her hair has grown back.

She can't tell her doctor she is on it or she won't treat her, because it is not regulated! She has gained back some muscle tone by going to therapy. She has weaned off steroids for the first time in years. They wanted to put her back on remicaid but she said just wait I am doing so much better ( she was on remicaid for 3 years every 8 weeks it only helped a couple weeks then she would go right back down.) She is still on 6 amp for now. I thank God every day for you.

My daughter is 29 she has been ill since she was 16 never really having a good day. We went to a wedding 2 weeks ago and she was able to eat with us and she danced. The whole family was like man Tara you look good. I realize she has only been taking AloeElite for 9 months and her progress is remarkable but as a mother you always want more for your child.

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