Two years ago I was visiting my daughter in Oklahoma, with a place hurting in my back about the size of an ice pick right in my spine. Or so I thought. This pain had been causing me problems for many years and I had paid a lot of money to chiropractors. My daughter insisted I go to her chiropractor, which I did. I placed my finger tip on this place that was driving my crazy, and he made x-rays. His diagnosis: Ulcers in my small intestines. 

I prayed about a physician to see back at home, and feel that God sent me to the Doctor I went to see because of all the circumstances involved. He did not believe the chiropractor, but did an endoscopy, checking my stomach with a light, and I woke up with prescriptions to kill or heal ulcers. 

A week later I had a sigmoidoscopy and the Doctor said I had diverticulitis. He did not elaborate so I didn't know that condition could be potentially dangerous to my well being. 

Labor Day dawned beautifully and I was trying to find out all I could on the internet, and for God to send me a cure. I ran across your product, and called the toll free number on the off chance that someone would be working. A young lady talked with me for as long as I had questions and I ordered a month supply. 

When it arrived I took it as directed. I cannot say enough about how well I felt at the end of the first month. The pain has quit hurting and I have begun adding things to my diet! I have to give all the credit to the Aloe Elite capsules. I also have to give God the credit for leading me to the right web site. I received a 3 months supply this week, and if I can help it I will never be without Aloe Elite.
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