I have been on AloeElite for a couple of years now and am glad to say that I finally feel like a normal person. I eat anything that I want to eat at this point with no adverse effects. Having said that, I eat things like corn in a stew, not on the cob. After doing a lot of research, on myself and on the internet and talking to people, I find that if you eat things like corn, one of the bad ones, in a stew it moves through with the rest. But, eat it alone and I seemed to have some problems. The expected cramps etc. Anyway, at this point I am doing the maintenance program 1 in the morning 1 at night.

I would also like to say that dealing with Patricia is a pleasure. It would seem that when I phone to order or have a question it's Patricia that answers and answers all my questions. She is a pleasure to deal with. I actually look forward to my next order so I can Talk to her.
One other comment; I have gone through a rough time over the last few years, divorce, a child in hospital and due to the divorce my 2 children, both girls live with me, which is excellent. But I find that stress is the only reason I ever have an attack. I know it's stress as it clears up by itself, with no need for antibiotics.
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