Hello I am 31 years old and have been suffering since 1996 and it is now 2008. I can not take any sulphur based medication as I am allergic and have been hospitalised due to this. This has restricted what I could take and what medications I was given did not help at all. The prednisone assisted every now and then - however I felt my body became immune to it and it became less and less effective. Not to mention how unwell I felt while I was taking it.

Basically this year has been my worst, I am completely and utterly fed up to the point where I think having my bowel removed would be a better option. I have become quite depressed, and have been taking it out on everyone around me. 

I hate going anywhere and it would suit me to stay home because that's where I feel safest. I can not control my bowel movements and end up being a hindrance to anyone I go anywhere with. I love going on holidays - however this has been restricted due to this condition. 

But Guess What!!!!! I received my Aloe Elite last Thursday and started taking Friday and also watching what I have been eating (but not severely strict). It is now Tuesday and in 5 days the improvement is amazing. I have also been taking Immodium as suggested. My cramping has gone, the blood has gone and I feel so much better. 

I feel I am in control again and it is only 5 days. I could never just jump in the car and go wherever with out knowing where the toilet stops are on the way - well today I did it and didn't realize till I got back to the office and realised I hadn't panicked about it once. 

This is such a turning point for me. I have been so unhappy for so long and now I can't get the smile off my face.

Although it is still early days - I can tell this is my saviour!! 

Don't hesitate - it is a small expense when your well-being and health are at stake. 

Good Luck 
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