I have had suffered since 1999. I was hospitalized for two weeks very ill and then I didn’t have another flareup for 6 years till 2005. I had been ill ever since. I have an allergy to Ulshur drugs. I have been to several doctors. It seemed that my life was over. I had pain, bleeding, mucous… Months went by and I was at the point of giving up. The Dr’s said the only thing left was to remove my colon. They could only treat the symptoms with drugs which none of them worked.

I was going to the bathroom as many as 20 times a day. I became weak, lost weight and could not travel. I am a salesman and needed to travel. I did most of my work on the computer and phone but thought I was going to have to retire.

Then my wife found the website for AloeElite. What a blessing. I am feeling great after two months. My diet is almost back to normal and we can hardly believe the differences. I am gaining weight, my strength is back and I feel as if I have gotten my life back.

Thank you AloeElite!

Jim H

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