I am a 45 yr old female that has suffered for 20 yrs. It has been in constant flare for the last 10. I have fought the bag every step of the way. I have managed to stay clear of the knife, but not without a lot of extra suffering! I have tried every diet, drug, and study possible. I have the most stubburn case of disease. Not even prednisone helped much, and I aborted that because of the horrible side effects. Being a registered nurse, sometimes you just know too much!

I was desperate one day, and searched the internet and found AloeElite. I thought it was snake oil, it was so expensive, but I have tried everything else. What have I got to lose? Within two months I was doing much better. I also was being strickened with arthritis as a spin off of my disease. I saw a rhumatologist, who then tried me on Humira. 

I can say, now within 3 months, the results have been truly amazing. I believe when I have my next scope, my bowel will be healed. I am continuing to stay on the meds, but wow, I can have a life. Scuba diving, skiing, and I can ride on a boat and not freak out if there is no toilet!!!! 

AloeElite got me in the direction, and the Humira finished the job, it is worth the money

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