I want to let you know that we are so grateful for stumbling onto your product earlier this year.  Our son was diagnosed at age 8 and whilst it started quite mild developed into a very serious case where he was hospitalised for 10 days in February 2010.  We were overcome with grief and concern and the medication he was put on (Prednisone 75mg) had terrible side effects.  

We were at an all time low when I started to do my own research on the internet.  I found your product by chance and read your website extensively.  I will admite that I had been made very wary by friends not to trust things bought online - particularly medications.  However we were desperate to try anything that held out a slim ray of hope.  The tablets were expensive but we gave it a try.  Within one month our son was so much better and was able to reduce his level of Prednisone to zero.  

He still takes sulphur based drugs - but these have no side effects for him and is now on the maintenance dosage of AloeElite.  He has never been so well:  no pain, bleeding, mucuous or cramps.  He is playing sport, laughing, going to school and loving life!  

Thank you so much for your wonderful product - it has turned out little boy's life around and made us all so happy!  

Elizabeth - Sydney, Australia
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