I will definitely be writing more testimonials on the status of my health, as I continue my ingestion of AloeElite capsules. I, however, find it necessary to write this first testimonial at this this time, given the significant and surprising progress in my condition, since I began taking AloeElite.

1. I was diagnosed more than 12 years ago: abundant blood in my stool; diarrhea, very frequent bowel movements; loss of weight and appetite, extreme sensitivity to cold, abdominal pain, loss of energy, etc.

2. My gastroenterologist prescribed a medium, daily dose of Asacol; and I supplemented it with vitamin supplements and the appropriate diet. After 18 months, all my symptoms disappeared, and I went into remission for more than 10 years. But I continued taking a moderate, daily dose of Asacol, for maintenance purpose.

3. In early 2009, I had a mild-to-severe relapse, with my condition getting worse from day to day: abundant blood in my stool, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, very frequent bowel movements, sensitivity to cold, loss of energy and weight, etc. My gastroenterologist started me on 20mg of Prednisone. Still no improvement.

4. I went on the internet and began doing some research on natural treatments. After a thorough investigation, I was convinced by what I read about AloeElite. February 10, 2009: I ordered 2 bottles of AloeElite. They arrived on February 12, 2009. I called AloeElite and spoke with Shari and Patricia. They were extremely helpful.

5. I started taking AloeElite on February 13, 2009, as directed.

6. February 21, 2009: I began to experience significant improvements in my general well-being: the absence of blood in my stool; bowels movements had decreased from 9-10 daily to 2-3 daily; stool went from liquid to mushy; no abdominal pain, regain of appetite and energy. I have even resumed my yoga exercises.

7. Based upon my personal experience, I strongly believe that AloeElite does exactly what it says. AloeElite is an excellent product; no doubt about it.

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