I have been taking Aloe Elite for 2 years now. I started taking if when my Dr. suggested me having a re-section of my bowel. I decided it was time to make a difference in my life. After researching, reading and talking to many naturopath and health care professionals I came across Aloe Elite and thought I would give it a try. Keep in mind I was diagnosed in 2002 after suffering for 2 years. My illness worsened over the years and I was considered having moderate to severe disease. After 6 months of Aloe Elite, diet change, chiropractor visits and supplements I noticed a change. After a year on Aloe Elite I was able to lower the dosage of my medication. It has helped me feel stronger and healthier for over a year. My goal is to continue the Aloe and rid my life of all other medications.

Jodi M, Canada
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