I am writing in regards to the AloeElite product that I purchased for my son who has been battling ulcerative colitis for the past 10 years. He has been constantly plagued with bloody hazardous waste-quality diarrhea, cramps, fatigue, anemia, and the other “normal symptoms” (what a contradiction in terms) of ulcerative colitis. His doctors have had him on Asacol, Prednisone, iron, and just about anything they could think of to try and control the disease and give him a normal life. They have told us that there is no cure, and after 10 years, he should be closely watched for colon cancer. He has lived with the disease the best he can, but imagine the embarrassment of having “accidents” at school, and having to come home early because the changes of clothes he would take would not last him through the day. My wife and I have tried to be supportive through it all and have tried to comfort him the best we could, but at times it was pretty sad to see him wasting away. Even with all of this, he was still active, and participated in some pretty demanding activities like water polo and swimming, even though he was often exhausted, skinny, and pale.

The final straw came in last December when he was turned down as a missionary for our church. His blood tests showed a red blood count of 34, which is pretty anemic. He was having 5-6 trips to the bathroom every day, passing blood almost every time, and the missionary department was afraid that he would likely not be able to handle the stress, would end up needing transfusions, and would have to come home early. He was very distraught, because it is something he always has planned to do, and to be told that he could not serve was pretty devastating. In desperation, I called the missionary department and they agreed that if we could show some solid improvement, they would change their mind. So I started searching the web for anything, which might help us get him stable enough to convince the missionary department that he was able to serve a mission. I had searched the web before, but his time I was reading literally everything to try to find ANYTHING that might help.

I came upon your website, and I have to admit, I was very skeptical.… Being the tightwad that I am, I was hesitant to spend so much money… I showed the information to my wife and son, and they agreed it was worth a try, since nothing else was helping.

We visited the Gastroenterologist, whose only response was to increase the Asacol regimen. I thought, “Okay, if it hasn’t worked for 10 years, what good will it do to increase the dosage?” My friend the MD put him on a fairly potent prescription iron supplement with the thought that maybe the other iron was being voided and not digested, but again, I thought, “What good will the iron do if he is pooping it out before it has a chance to work?” THAT was when I made the decision that, win or lose, we were going to gamble the money.

After 2 weeks of the Imodium/A.M.P. combination, I asked my son if he thought AloeElite was doing any good. He responded in a complete sentence instead of the normal teenage grunt, so I know this was no ordinary answer. He said that he was feeling a lot stronger, and even though the number of bowel movements had not changed, he was sure it was working. At that point I ordered again. After 6 weeks, his red blood count had jumped up to a 42, and after 10 weeks he was at 44. We are at the 12-week stage, and his trips to the bathroom are usually between 2-3 per day, with no more bloody mess. We still have some room for improvement, but his accidents now are almost non-existent, and we are seeing definite signs that things are becoming normal in his life. The iron has had a chance to work because he is able to digest it, where before it was gone down the drain before it could work. Best of all, he will be serving a mission beginning in July, which makes the money invested worth every dime.

I have just been diagnosed with an ulcer in my esophagus. When I was in the recovery room after the scope, I heard a doctor in the next room telling a young girl that she had colitis, and that they were going to treat it with Asacol. I had to bite my tongue not to yell, “Don’t buy into it! Try AloeElite first!” I will definitely make it part of my treatment for the ulcer, since the only thing I got was a boat-load of antacids. When a tightwad like me will order 3 bottles at a time, it has to be exceptionally good!

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