I am 27 years of age and a year ago began to suffer severe abdominal pains and cramping which was worse on eating virtually anything. The only thing that I could eat seemed to be salad which had drastic effects on my weight. I stopped going to the gym and did nothing. After many months and various tests I was told that I had a digestive disease and I was given a leaflet which was completely useless. The feeling was that it is something you just have to live with and the likelihood of surgery appeared a possibility as things failed to improve.

I bought books and began to research just about everything I could find on the net when I came across this site. To be fair, both my wife and I thought this was just a con site. But something about the number of people who has said that this product worked for them made me give it a try. I had nothing to lose except money and was so desperate for a solution I would have tried anything.

I started on the tablets and took the maximum dosage and recorded my symptoms on the chart provided. By the end of the first month my symptoms were the same as normal. I had made no progress. However, the info said to expect it to take some time so I continued with the products anyway.

After the second month I felt no change and still felt the same. I started to think this was definitely a con. I decided to try one more month. In the third month I noticed a change. I started to notice a decrease in the amount of severe attacks of cramping. To cut a long story short the symptoms continued to decrease until I had NO CRAMPING AND 100% RESOLUTION OF ALL SYMPTOMS. This was after around 8 months time.

I could eat and drink anything. Even spicy foods which I would not have even dared to try without being on the toilet all day afterwards. The product is responsible for this resolution because on two occasions I decided that I was going to stop taking the product and on the two occasions the symptoms gradually came back. When I re-commenced the product the symptoms went away.

I have spent this time to write this because the product really has saved my life and significantly improved my overall health. If I could recommend one thing to sufferers then I would recommend this and only this product. I wish you all well and hope this testimonial helps others to make the right choice but please give the product a chance and don’t give up after two months.

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