I'm writing this testimonial with a full and grateful heart because I believe your product literally saved our 22 year old son's life. Words fail to adequately express the depth of gratitude all of us in our family feel.

Nearly two years ago, our son, Lance, telephoned us from college to say he had been vomiting on a fairly regular basis - he's always been the kind of person whose difficulty in dealing with stress has a profound effect on his health. I (his mom) asked him to watch for blood in his bowel movements, as stomach problems run in my family, including bleeding ulcers. Sure enough, within a few days, Lance noticed blood in his stools, as well as in his vomit. We immediately took him to a doctor, who confirmed he indeed had bleeding ulcers. The doctor gave him a medication which inhibits the production of stomach acids, all the while tossing around words like "surgery" and "endoscopy."

To make a long story short, the medications did not help Lance at all, other than (we thought) to stop the bleeding. For a year and a half, Lance tried various things, such as carefully monitoring his diet, trying different medications, etc. He wanted to exhaust every avenue before resorting to such invasive procedures as an endoscopy and surgery. 

Nothing seemed to work, and Lance continued to vomit on and off, growing thinner and weaker as the months went by. Even though there was no longer any evidence of bleeding, he continued to suffer in other ways. His stomach pain was so intense, so constant, he could no longer remember what it felt like to be well. Eating became a chore, as he never knew whether the food would stay down or not. He survived by taking great amounts of antacids, which gave him enough relief that he was able to function. 

Being the type who doesn't complain, he told us little of this. He simply endured, continuing to go to work and to attend college full time. Anyway, Lance is 6 feet, one inch tall, and, by the time he finally returned home after graduating from college, he weighed only 132 lbs.! I'm sure you can well imagine the shock my husband and I felt when we saw his emaciated condition. He literally looked as if he had been in a concentration camp. 

In desperation, I began an earnest search on the Internet, hoping I could find some answers. I read everything I could find about ulcers, and in so doing, stumbled onto your website. We sent for the AMP, and the result was very gratifying. Within days of beginning to take the AMP, Lance's occasional vomiting and stomach pain stopped. Slowly, he began to recover.

Meanwhile, our doctor did some blood tests, and determined that Lance's blood count was so low, he would have died had he lost that much blood all at once! Lance was given a blood transfusion, which brought some color back into his face, and brought some of his energy back.

Yes, the blood transfusion was vital, but we believe the AMP is responsible for the return of Lance's health. This became clearly evident when Lance waited too long to order more of the product and was without it for a couple of weeks. The vomiting and intense stomach pain returned, and he immediately lost ten of the eighteen lbs. he had gained after taking the AMP. When the product arrived, his stomach felt relief within hours of taking it, and his health has been slowly improving every day.

Lance's health has not returned to normal overnight, but we feel deeply gratified to see him so much improved. He is now at 150 lbs. and slowly going up. His appetite has returned, most, if not all, of his stomach pain is a thing of the past, and he is once again becoming the cheerful, good-natured guy we remember so well. 

In my desire to tell my story as briefly and succinctly as possible, I imagine I have failed to convey just how devastating this has been for all of us. We truly believed Lance was dying, and the heartache we all felt is impossible to describe. How can one describe what it feels like to see a beautiful, healthy, intelligent, wonderful son slowly waste away in front of one's eyes? Even now, the fear has not totally gone from our hearts, but we nevertheless rejoice that our beloved son is once again so far along the path toward health.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the blessing of your wonderful product!

Lance's parents and sisters :)
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