My mum had chronic illness after a very stressful period last year / towards the end of 2009. I did not know much about this condition although I knew she had this when we were kids but obviously being much younger she kept the condition and symptoms to herself. It had been in remission for 10 years, the only reason I know of that medical terminology is because when it flared up again recently and because I am older now she turned to me on this subject and would break down in tears and it takes a lot for my mum to be broken down like this but she couldn't go out and she was bleeding and losing the lining of her colon and was in agony with the ulcers.

The doctor put her on lots of drugs and steroids, namely Asacol. She wasn't getting better and lost so much weight in such a short period of time and then the doctor said she was so ill he admitted her to hospital. In the interim I had been phoning around and trying to find out what I could do for her although I read a lot about this being a lifelong disease that comes and goes and then I saw Aloe Elite and I remember phoning my dad saying go and get her aloe vera juice on the way home so he did but then i read it again and realized it was Aloe Elite, totally different and can't be bought in a shop or over the counter. I saw how expensive it was and it was a lot of money for me to spend but I made up my mind after two months of her agonizing over the pain, the bleeding, the sleepless nights and thought well £200 is a lot but then to lose your health and even possibly have your colon removed is far worse and my mum said she would never have a colostomy bag and would prefer to die than to ever live with one of those, that it would ruin her so it was then that I decided rather than lose her I would do anything and so I bought the Aloe Elite -

I purchased two bottles of Aloe Elite and FedEx them to her. She received them in 2 days - 3rd of January 2010. She was in severe pain still and was scared to take them even though she seemed even worse on the steroids she was taking. She was scared that they would worsen the steroids. She was told that this was okay to take Aloe Elite as well as they are herbal. In good faith and probably because she wanted to please me too she started the course of Aloe Elite. Two weeks into taking them she had to go back to the hospital for checks on a certain something in her urine and I told her not to say anything to the doctor because I felt they would tell her to stop them so she didn't and he came back with the results and looked rather confused and told her that the amount of X that they test for in her urine had decreased so rapidly he hadn't seen this before. I managed to get her to cut down on her steroids sooner and once again in good faith she was so surprised and shocked by now that she did and I would like to say that after a month she threw the steroids away.

She has been on Aloe Elite coming up to her third month now and is totally drug free, steroid free, Asacol free. She is so grateful and both of us would like to thank AloeElite and to also help put the word out that if there is anyone else out there and even if you think you have tried absolutely everything and this is just another one of those things it really isn't. I swear by them and I hope that anyone reading this will give them a try if only to say that they didn't work for you - but I can guarantee - they will !
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